Head of Operations

Head of operations

Ken Zhou

Head of Operations

Mr. Ken Zhou is the Founding Head of Operations for BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour.

Mr. Zhou was employed full time at BASIS International School Shenzhen for two years before he accepted this appointment. While working there, Mr. Zhou held several different positions, and gained extensive management experience and knowledge of the operational systems of the BASIS International Schools in China.

Prior to joining the BASIS Curriculum Schools network, Mr. Zhou spent six years in Canada, and managed various businesses in different fields, including large restaurant chains, an insurance agency, and a student apartment building, among others. Mr. Zhou says that gaining an understanding of different cultures and languages was a particularly important experience that he retains from that period. Prior to his years in Canada, Mr. Zhou worked as an orthopedic specialist at the Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, with a university major in Sports Medicine. Helping people recover from sports injuries was his duty during that time.

Mr. Zhou earned his graduate degree from the Guangzhou Medical University, as well as a medical bachelor's degree from Sun Yet-sun Medical University.

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