College Counseling

Unlike students at most schools, students at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour take a daily class solely dedicated to college counseling for the entirety of their senior year. The focus is to help seniors identify, target, and ultimately achieve entrance to the college or university best suited for them. Our expert counselors are dedicated to understanding each student’s strengths and aspirations, and teaching them how to convey themselves compellingly in the college admissions process. They work closely with our students to explore their passions, career interests, and long-term goals, and provide personal letters of recommendation and ongoing support during the application process itself.

Our counselors guide students to examine the various academic paths each institution offers and encourage students to think about what type of person, scholar, and professional they hope to become. They also understand and address the pressure that many students feel during the college admissions process. There is no other class like College Counseling at our school: students write more than any humanities course we offer, get to know their peers on a meaningful level, further develop their critical thinking skills by keeping up to date with current events, learn how to cope with cooking away from home, and more. And at the end of it, they not only prepare an incredible college admissions application, but ready themselves for the important next phase of their educational journeys.

Our Team

Our counselling team is comprised of a full-time school counsellor and a full-time college counsellor. The counsellors deliver direct and indirect counselling services to all students. In addition to working with the students, the school counsellor specializes in the development and delivery of a socio-emotional curriculum, while the college counsellor specializes in building a college/career readiness curriculum. Every student at our school will have access to both socio-emotional as well as college/career readiness curricula. Both areas are integral to the well-being and success of students within academic and social contexts.

Melissa Kennedy
School Counsellor
Grades 5-12, Red and Yellow

Amanda Yu
College Counsellor
Grades 5-12, Blue and Green

Counselling Program Mission Statement

The BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour Counselling Department’s mission is to deliver a comprehensive, data-driven program that supports our students to develop skills across academic, career, personal/social, and global domains.

We aim to promote the well-being, self-understanding, and socio-emotional development of all students using a collaborative approach that includes students, parents, as well as all members of the school's community.

Our focus is decreasing barriers to learning, empowering students to maximize their individual potential, and preparing them to be socially responsible and successful in the global community.